Monday, 23 January 2012

Working Girl.

We have a problem.
Today, I spent four hours traipsing through the mall and came out completely empty-handed.
Normally, this would not be an issue but when you have a plan to follow, actual reasons to run around like a mad-woman only to come nowhere near success - disappointment seems to bitch slap you. 
What was it I was searching for you wonder?

Work Wear.

A blank fashion canvas.
All sense of style has the potential to be fully eliminated when dressing for work. For years I galavanted around in a school uniform. A uniform which not only looked like a sailor suit, but came down to my ankles. Finally, upon graduation I was liberated.
  Free from conformity.
  Free from hours spent in-front of the mirror as I attempted to ooze style from the latest hair-trends. 
Earrings? No.
 Makeup? No.
 Necklace? No.
It reached a point where you would see your class-mates out on the streets and barely recognize them due to their lack of school regulatory dress. 

It was a dark time for me. A black cloud painted over fashion. I can't go back there, please don't let me go back there. I don't want to wear pin-stripe black pants and frilly white blouses. Nobody can trap me in that box! Who cares if my ideas surrounding what is fashionable in the work-place are derived from 'Devil Wears Prada.' A working girls sense of style should act as a statement. Now, nobody is saying that such a statement can not be made on a budget. There are plenty of choices out there. One of my favorites has to be Zara.

Zara does a great basics range at affordable costs. I am on the hunt for a simple, black dress or an 'LBD' as the fashionistas like to call it. Dress up, dress down. It's a staple item which every girl should have in the wardrobe. Why don't I? Because I am too bloody fussy, that's why! 

I do have some lingering questions though...

How much colour is too much colour?
How much sparkle is too much sparkle?

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  1. Work clothes are the bane of my existence! I was also trapped in very strict, uniformed schools growing up. I worked in law firms, so it was definitely formal work wear, but I wore colour via blouses. Honestly, that's all the colour I could do. As for sparkle, I did a statement necklace with a white blouse. I'm sorry, I know that's very limited, but I hope that helps!


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