Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What Is In A Name?

I am sure the very first thing every blogger does is start off by thinking of a name. I felt like i was naming an unborn child. The stress, my god, was unbearable. This is it. This is the name it would be stuck with. What people would judge it by. Pressure? Yes! Oh and the names which were coming to my head! I am not afraid to admit that 'Little Miss Pearl-fect' sprung to mind one to many times. I was merely attempting to tap into my love for pearls, give me a break! 

I have been known for my inventive phrases and words. I convinced myself and others that 'toatz hilar' (abbreviation for 'totally hilarious) was going to fly off and it would be used by all. Although some might use it today, it never really took off like i dreamt it would. I have long wanted to work in advertising. Maybe slogan writing is not for me? Maybe it is? I suppose it all depends what you are willing to accept. Are you going to curve a smile on that face of yours when you see some witty, clever (and slightly cringe-worthy) spin on common known phrases OR are you going to raise an eyebrow in disgust? You choose. Personally i love the fact the life could be 'personalized' in such a way. I have tried countless times to submit words into 'Urban Dictionary,' later to be notified that my submission simply was not acceptable. Seriously? Has anyone seen the things people submit on that web-site? All i wanted was to lock in my new found 'it' or 'what?' word - 'Mahuddawhadda?' (Try saying that one, it's a blast.) Alas i failed. Who am i to need some literary justification to recognise the proper existence of a word? I should just write my own dictionary. Oh my, my poor future children will struggle to no end if i attempted to instill my own vocabulary upon them. I can imagine it now: a wild, little blonde-haired, princess-dress clad, tiara wearing, monkey-bar swinging loud-mouth attempting to convince her kindergarten teacher that she watched a 'toatz hilar' television show which was completely 'fabulouso'. Her best friend would be referred to as her 'home-skillet' and life's big, unanswerable questions would be met with a 'confuzzled' 'mahuddawhadda?' Dream child!

How did i settle on 'Lilly and Rose' you might ask? Basically, i love the name Lilly as, to me, it represents some sort of unconventional, free-spirit which i tend to see in myself a wee bit. Rose on the other hand, reminds me of an old lady who likes to trim flowers. It's a pairing of opposites which simply sounds delightful when said out-loud. Sadly, i put to rest the number of ways i could mash 'pearl' into the world 'perfect' and came to the conclusion that the name of your blog really does not matter. Like anything in life, it's the inside that counts. 

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