Saturday, 21 January 2012


It is winter.
And, when winter comes knocking at your door - so do the winter fashion trends.
This year I have decided that it is acceptable to take summer clothes and jazz them up with some warm, winter lovin'.
Some may cringe, some may look away in disgust but when you have little money, sacrifices just have to be made people!
Think shorts and tights.
Who is with me on this one?!

Any-who, what I am currently crushing on at the moment is knitwear
Love, LOVE me some chunky knit!
A few months ago, a friend taught me the art of knitting. A tad overly ambitious, I marched straight up to the local department store and bought myself the biggest ball of pink wool you could ever imagine. To this day, I have made eight scarves and counting. Would I like to attempt some other knitting creations? A beanie? Some gloves? Yes. Yes, I would however I was only blessed with limited craft skills and I am still reeling on the fact that I can knit in the first place! Until my world of knitting is further expanded, I will stick myself in the safe zone and leave it to the professionals.

Want to know a secret? The true key to happiness is a good pair of socks. Honestly, if you can add your own spark of versatility to a good pair of socks, the fashion world will open up to you like you wouldn't believe.

Sometimes wearing the old boots and jeans combo just doesn't do it for you.

Get some thick, knee-high socks or heck, kick it old school and buy some leg-warmers! Not only are your toes going to be nice and toasty (i despise cold feet) but your also going to be rockin' a pretty nifty look. Why stop at boots? Have a love for an old pair of Converse or Keds (my personal favorite)? Buy a simple pair of thick, woolen socks and you have yourself a warm, winter combo. 
I don't profess to be a fashion Queen. Some might be cringing at this mere suggestion, however if you value the warmth of your feet on a cold winters day - it is something you should consider!


  1. I am such a fan of knitwear this time of year, especially with scarves and I'm loving those fun socks you posted...great pictures! Such a lovely blog you have!

    Liesl :)

  2. Girl, you spoke right to me when you said that you wish you could move beyond knitting scarves. Me too! I learned how to knit two years ago and to date I have only knit scarves. I'm told it's easy to progress to beanies and socks, but I haven't yet attempted it. I love your knitwear ideas. I'm in the market for some Keds!

    Loving your blog - newest follower!


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