Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cup of Tea.

It's time to expose one of my dearly loved obsessions.


On February 22nd, 2011- the earth beneath me shook. I couldn't tell you exactly what was going through my mind as I attempted to huddle beneath a desk in my very first history lecture of the year. I needed to get home, make sure that my flat (which was held up by paper) was still standing. The following hours were filled with confusion, terror, broken telephone lines and tea

It was instinctive. The power was out but our gas stove, oh the beautiful gas stove, that baby was still working a charm. As the ground continued to shake and rumble, our water boiled. The matching tumbler glasses were lined up, each containing a little bit of magic solitude. 

I don't know what it is about tea which has that ever-so calming effect. I am sure any Englishman could tell you about the glorious effects of a cup of tea. Whether you love a bit of fresh and fruity or a nice, soothing peppermint - tea has the ability to heal. I have experimented with my tea, not as much as i would like, but i have gone through a large variation only to fall on one brand which seems to ooze the magic qualities of a perfect brew.

Current Love:

It's fresh, yummy and simply delightful. There are heaps of teas to choose from, one to suit every mood! From 'Popcorn' to 'Chilli Chai' i am sure absolutely anyone (even those who swear on the powers of a good cup of coffee) can find something that suits their need. 

Go on, give it a go. Don't have a cry, have a cuppa!



  1. Great Slogan Christine, I think you are on to something with that one! xx

  2. I had a very similar scenario to the one you described, here in Japan... but coffee was my savior lol. Btw thanks for following my blog! I am looking forward to reading yours!

    Laura @ This Beautiful Life


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