Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Glitter Me Pretty!

Glitter seems to be EVERYWHERE these days.

Personally i love a bit of glitz and sparkle.


It can be something which great friendships are founded on!

I love the fact that options are endless when it comes to glitter. 
The bold will pair a glittery skirt with a chunky knit whilst the timid will snap shut a silvery hair-clip. Why not invest in something which you can where all day, every day and in every possible way? I swear we spend most of our time whilst shopping attempting to justify WHY would should be purchasing a particular item. Who cares if you have the same dress in ten different shades! I say, buy what makes you happy. I am a big 'memory' person. I have managed to horde every single receipt, photo and drunken message scribbled to me whilst in my first year of university. This special little trait of mine is my own justification as to why i need, must, have to purchase a new dress for a night out. Who doesn't love pulling something out of your wardrobe and having a wee chuckle as you remember some hilarious encounter which took place whilst wearing 'said' dress? When you view your wardrobe as your own creative memory box, what is stopping you from investing in some pretty goodies?! 
Tip of the day: If you want something, attach a potential meaning to it. Allow yourself to believe that some good will come out of a glittery new dress. Who doesn't love to sparkle every so often?


  1. Loving the glitter!

    Thanks for following! I'm enjoying reading your blog!


    p.s. I nominated you for an award on my blog!


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xo Christine