Sunday, 15 January 2012


With the intention to purchase your ever-so basic pair of blue jeans, I just couldn't walk past these gorgeous pants today.

For me, true love comes in the shade of pink

 Whilst living in Christchurch, it is imperative that every student buy a bike. The place is literally as flat as a pancake and if you're on that dreadful student budget, a bicycle is the way to go.

It is time I introduce to you to the best thing of 2011, Cynthia

Forget helmet hair.
Forget biking in the rain.
Forget freezing your little hands off as you peddle to class.
Cynthia was every bike-owner's dream. 

I have a fantastic tendency to name anything which I regularly use.
Some raise an eyebrow to such an attribute but i look at it as a way to show appreciation for the things i have in my life.
There was Zippy the car of 2009, shortly followed with Barbara the scooter of 2010. What it is it going to be this year, you might be wondering? We shall have to wait and see! 

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