Monday, 16 January 2012

Picture Pearl-fect!

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. 
What about pearls?

 Whether you are placing them on your little girl or around your own neck, pearls are simply timeless. Throughout history, pearls have been fashioned by all those who define beauty. From Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn, the symbol of a simple pearl has glittered into one of class and elegance.

Presidential Pearls - Jackie O'Nassis

Picture Perfect Pearls - Audrey Hepburn

Plain yet Pretty Pearls - Grace Kelly
Having a 'blah' day?
Smack those pink lips together and chuck on your pearls!
Wear them with a simple black dress.
Wear them with track-pants.
Pearls just seem to go with everything. 

With the rise of the 'alternative' fashion scene, my fingers and toes stayed crossed that the reputation of pearls stays to signify what it is to be a lady. 

My love for pearls started from a young age. We all have memories of hiding ourselves in our mother's closets. I was one who tended to stick my nose in the jewelry box. Placed next to classic scents such as Channel No 5. and Shalimar, my mom had a gorgeous collection of jewelry. Filled with timeless pieces (which she still dazzles in today), pearls have always been an ever-present item in her individual sense of style. To say 'like mother, like daughter' would be an understatement. The woman dresses in crazy kaftans and purple palazzo pants - and i adore it. Matched with my current love for leopard print, the two of us are an unstoppable duo!

Notice the pink bow!

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Has your mom influenced your fashion loves?


  1. Love love love pearls. They are definitely one of my staples!


  2. New reader saying hello! Pearls are fantastic and if you have a pale complexion I think are really flattering to the skin. Great photos that you have selected!


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