Monday, 13 February 2012


This weekend I went for the chop. 

Not the 'cute, little, oh so in right now, bob' chop but the 'could be mistaken for a small boy' chop.

My Oh My. 

Oh My.


Why? Why did I take such a plunge?
I firmly believe that the greatest things in life come spontaneously. From the decisions you make, to the people you meet - spontaneity is the key to a fabulous time. Whilst saying this, spontaneity can (at times) alter your ability to make clear, practical decisions. Oh the glory of being the fun, free-willed twenty-one year old! Young enough to get away with avoiding the harsh realities of commitment yet old enough to be taken some-what seriously. It's a complex age, I tell you.  
Any-who, as I walked to the hair-dresser - it suddenly occurred to me that this, this moment right now could mark something marvelous. 

Had I scanned the internet for hours, searching for the perfect cut?

Had I spoken to anyone, a single soul, about committing to such a cut?

Had I thought about it for more than 5 minutes?

Spontaneity - we meet again. 

There you have it. I walked in and was asked the usual 'So what are we doing today? Nice and short?'
'Hell yeah, we are going nice and short!' was my 21-year old, spontaneously charged response. 
There was no going back once the scissors were snipping away. 
I was on a high - a beautiful, wonderful spontaneous high. 

Am I happy? Yes, I am happy - although the tight, 'can't breathe' feeling which set in on Sunday morning (the glorious hangover of a day filled with all sorts of hazardous spontaneity) was a bit of set back. We pulled through though. A wee leopard print bow, placed strategically in the little hair I now possess - made everything better. I am looking at this decision as one which would inevitably happen. How often do we think about what we would look like with little, to no hair? Could we pull it off? Now I know! No more thinking for me ladies and gentlemen! 

Until I am brave enough to unveil all that is the new, improved Christine - here is a few tasters:

Michelle Williams

Carey Mulligan.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Peace of My Mind.

Biggest achievement to date?
Finishing 'Gilmore Girls' Season 5. 
In 48 hours.
Ladies and gentlemen - we have hit a low. 
48 hours of knitting, tea, chewing-gum and television.
Time to go back to school? 
Uh, yes.

As the weekend drew to a close and I pressed the 'stop' button on the remote, I knew something had to change. Okay, everyone is allowed 'their' weekend. A weekend where it's cold, you are tired and the world is just...pshh. Why get out of your pajama's when:
a) you don't plan to leave the house
b) you are inevitably going to change back into them at the end of the day.
Save yourself the effort of that internal daily battle of what to wear. 

So, come Monday - I merged back into my new-found weekly routine.
One which starts off with my little love and joy.


Surprisingly I have found the art of yoga to be a very controversial subject.
Some love it.
Some love to hate it.

I've done the whole 'competitive sporting' thing. I've played basketball, dabbled in some softball, chucked around a netball, rowed a boat - you name it, I have probably done it. They just are not my thing. I really don't consider myself a competitive person to be honest. I am a social sportsperson through and through. 
Yoga brings something different to the mix. 

Blaring whistles? Try calming music.

Lingering smell of sausages? Try aromatherapy candles. 

Screaming, angry, overly-competitive parents? Try 'silent studios.'

Who cares if it's not all blood, sweat and tears.
Not every sport has to have you keeling over on the ground.
A-men to that!