Monday, 6 February 2012

Peace of My Mind.

Biggest achievement to date?
Finishing 'Gilmore Girls' Season 5. 
In 48 hours.
Ladies and gentlemen - we have hit a low. 
48 hours of knitting, tea, chewing-gum and television.
Time to go back to school? 
Uh, yes.

As the weekend drew to a close and I pressed the 'stop' button on the remote, I knew something had to change. Okay, everyone is allowed 'their' weekend. A weekend where it's cold, you are tired and the world is just...pshh. Why get out of your pajama's when:
a) you don't plan to leave the house
b) you are inevitably going to change back into them at the end of the day.
Save yourself the effort of that internal daily battle of what to wear. 

So, come Monday - I merged back into my new-found weekly routine.
One which starts off with my little love and joy.


Surprisingly I have found the art of yoga to be a very controversial subject.
Some love it.
Some love to hate it.

I've done the whole 'competitive sporting' thing. I've played basketball, dabbled in some softball, chucked around a netball, rowed a boat - you name it, I have probably done it. They just are not my thing. I really don't consider myself a competitive person to be honest. I am a social sportsperson through and through. 
Yoga brings something different to the mix. 

Blaring whistles? Try calming music.

Lingering smell of sausages? Try aromatherapy candles. 

Screaming, angry, overly-competitive parents? Try 'silent studios.'

Who cares if it's not all blood, sweat and tears.
Not every sport has to have you keeling over on the ground.
A-men to that!


  1. I really want to try yoga! I've heard Bikram is especially amazing. Impressed with your GG marathon.

  2. Here! Here! to Yoga and...two more seasons to go of Gilmore Girls. :)xx


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