Monday, 21 May 2012


Setting: London train, early-evening rush-hour.

A passenger's phone rings.

Woman: 'Right, I am on the train - I need you to sort dinner before I get back.'

Man: Questionable gruntle...

Woman: 'Oh for Chr*st's sake! We have been married for 35 years and you still don't know how to make a bloody bowl of spaghetti?! Boil the water and put it in, it's not rocket science!'

Man: Questionable gruntle...


Phone-call complete.

Woman: 'Bloody men...'

Amidst the chuckles of the surrounding travel-goers, I noted that this was only one of the number of similar conversations I have bared witness too as I have traveled too and from London during peak-traveling time. When asked to lend a helping hand at a bank in the city, I was reluctant as my feelings towards rush-hour train journeys are not held with high regards. Being the wee, fit lass that I am, I am almost always pinged with that feeling of self-guilt when I see someone older than me standing throughout the journey as I, relish in the comfort that is the beauty of a chair after a long-days work. As I give up my seat (with much hesitation) I begin the wonderful process of people-watching.

Oh how I adore a spot of people-watching!

Not only do I note peoples questionable office fashion-wear (I find a secret pleasure in the ol' power-suit and sneakers combo), but I notice those who gravitate towards their phones and those who know, that although there is no sign pointing out that phones should not be of use whilst traveling, conversations are best had when the whole world is not lending an ear. Don't get me wrong, it is not like I black-list anyone who does engage in a phone conversation or two whilst using public transport. I get that for some it is the only time during their day when they might actually be able to have a conversation without the presence of a nagging colleague or a sticky-fingered child. For some, traveling on the train is a momentary escape. As the world rushes by you, you get a wee break before you enter the doors of life again.
Why not take pleasure in other peoples phone conversations? How many times have you flashed a smile to a complete stranger as you both note that Passenger X will be visiting his mother in Cornwall this weekend and 'He doesn't care if she doesn't like her, they have been married for 15 years and she is his wife and mother to his children.'

Someone should really write a book about funny conversations 'over-heard on public transport.'
Because I would buy that!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Time To Get Seriously Serious.

There is something quite cathartic about clearing out your wardrobe. I have been a hoarder from way back. The kind of kid that, when packing up to ship myself down to University, brought every pair of shoes, every book off the shelf and every item of clothing from the wardrobe. Do I wear 95% of it? No. As I embrace all that is 'adult-hood,' I decided to ditch the old and limit all that is new.
 Boy, is that easier said than done! 
How many times have you picked up your 'favorite' top, the one which looked so darn good (on the ASOS model), the one which goes with everything (that you don't have in your wardrobe) and thought to yourself...
'Yes, I shall keep you because the situation might occur when we will need one another.'

Sweetie, we both know that situation is never going to happen.

After having a conversation with my (soon to be a high-school graduate) younger sister about essential College attire, I started wondering if the items I call my own are really worth paying that continuous excess baggage fee I seem to face every, single time I travel. This moment really should have occurred as I packed away the untouched, sixth pair of shoes at the end of a week-long trip away. Seriously though, are my clothes weighing me down?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Every woman has their weak point. The certain items which get chucked in your bag without even a thought in the mind. Mine? Shoes. I know, here we go again, another girl completely obsessed with shoes. I love a good pair of shoes but what makes me different is that I love a good pair of simplecomfortable shoes. I lurve, luff, loave the pretty stuff but give me a pair of neutral-toned loafers and I am smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Walk with me...

Keds - White, high-top = Essential. I am not going to lie, I am a little bit depressed as I can't seem to find the classic high-top ANYWHERE anymore. They go with everything - jeans, shorts, dresses. A timeless shoe really. Comfortable, affordable and oh, so groovy.

Converse - Speaking of groovy, check these babies out! Converse high-tops were my high-school must have. If you wanted to be cool, you had to rock the black high-tops. I have always been a bit dubious about this particular shoe, however. I personally feel that there is a line which can be crossed from 'sensible shoe' to 'clown foot.' Am I right? I waver between both sides, which is why I am more partial to your flat-soled Ked. Couldn't pass up on a bit of leopard print though!

Ballet Flats - I have to have flat, flats. I like my foot to the ground, ballerina style. This is why Topshop is perfect for me. I had my favorite pair of Topshop flats for two years, only recently updating them. They are super affordable and comfortable. They are also the only pair of flat shoes which have not cursed my feet upon their first outing. 

Classic Sneaker - I always invest in a classic white sneaker. The kind of shoe which goes with pretty much everything. This year I went with Jack Purcell for Converse. Super, dooper comfortable and not clown-like at all. I usually head to somewhere like Target to pick up my yearly pair of white sneakers but this year, with a European adventure on the cards, I decided to splash out and get something a bit snazzier. 

So I suppose you can see my problem. Shoes are simply a hazard to my sanity when jet-setting abroad. I swear, if I have to do the 'baggage re-shuffling of shame' on the airport floor one more time I just don't know what I am going to do with myself! 

What should stay and what should go?
Probably one of the hardest questions you will ever have to ask yourself my friends!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Oh Hello!

Please forgive me.
It has been a million years since I last did post however I feel that I have a good excuse!

You see, I was in Spain.
Rota, Spain to be a bit more specific.
Visiting some cool kids in the U.S American Navy to be even more specific. 
So, as you might imagine, it has taken me a good seven days, a wee snooze in a bowl of cereal and a tap on the shoulder from a London train conductor (following yet another wee snooze) to get some life back in me. 
However, I am back!
Back and ready to rumble despite living in a state of delirium for the last week. 
It's rather funny what can happen when you are too tired to function.
The strangest things came to my head as I walked about the city of London, one step from falling asleep on the side of the road.

Are Martha Stewart and Oprah friends?

Is there a big difference when you walk up an escalator versus to walking up stairs?

Do people who work on the train, catch the train to work?

After coming to the conclusion that M-Stew and Oprah are probably caught in your classic 'Frenemies' scenario, and yes, when you walk up an escalator the steps disappear making it an easier climb - I decided that this week would have to a write off. Excess Sangria and Tequila has tainted any productive bone I have in my body. 
And I am not even sorry!

Anywho, how beyond gorgeous does K.Middleton look in her latest green Jenny Packham number?

Seriously woman, the jokes over. Do you ever look bad?
Don't you hate it when people make looking this good, easy?

Oh to be a Duchess!