Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Trip Of Dreams.

Once again, this post is way overdue. 
Once again, I have a brilliant excuse...

I was traveling around Europe!

After taking a year off from my studies, I decided to top it off with a bit of a soul-searching venture before I migrate back to all the glory that is the land of New Zealand, next week. 
I simply could not have asked for a more amazing month. I met some amazing people and saw things that people dream about. I would not change a single moment for the world.
The best thing about it?
I got to travel around the streets of places such as Venice, Rome, Athens and Istanbul with my little Claire Bear (a.k.a my sister.)

Claire and Christine.

Ah, what amazing fun we did have!
Where did we go?
Let me tell you!

We started off in Paris...

Later to drive to Switzerland...

Next stop? Avignon, France!

Not with out a sneaky look at Pont du Gard...

We attended a Flamenco dance in Barcelona, Spain...

And walked amongst the rich and tan of Nice, France...

 We gambled in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

 And took a gondola ride in Venice!

 Visited David in Florence...

 and awed at the beauty of the Tuscan fields.

 Made a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome...

and drank cocktails in Mykonos, Greece.

Made acquaintances with the Greek Gods in Athens..

and climbed the hills to the monasteries of Meterora, Greece. 

 We roamed the streets of Kavala, Greece...

 and paid our tributes to all those lost at Golipolli, Turkey. 

 Finally, we ended our trip amongst the busy streets of Istanbul with a day filled of mosques and belly dancing.

It was a trip that dreams are made of. Long bus days were met with amazing moments in places as magical as you could possibly imagine. 

Onto the next chapter - moving back to Christchurch to complete the studying!

All photos taken by myself.