Friday, 13 January 2012

Duck Poop.

Upon picking up my little brother (who we shall forever to refer to as 'littlest C') he informed me that he was being teased at school. Why? Because the older kids overheard him asking his boisterous friend to imagine what it would be like to eat duck poop. Exactly. Why did he ask such a question? Because he wanted to make conversation and simply could not think of anything else to say. 

Littlest C takes after me in more ways than one. He loves to ask life's big questions, the type of questions which I seem to ponder over every day. 

How many best friends is too many best friends?

How many people have actually walked into poles? 

Do people get of sick of living in the same place all the time?

A bond like no other. 
I love the kid more than words can describe and i love the fact that our similarities cross a divide between that of a 'normal' human-being and that of the more interesting type. His current school debacle makes me think however, why on earth do the most ridonkulous things suddenly spring to mind when searching for immediate conversation? I am sure we all have our 'go-to' in this particular situation. Maybe you dabble in a bit of weather? Sports? Current events? It needs to be something safe. Something that, god forbid, if delved into past the initial ice-breaker, you have complete confidence in. I can't tell you how many conversations with potential male suitors have crashed and burned as i attempt to appear as if i know anything about rugby. When it comes to rugby, i am certain of one thing, and one thing only - the All Blacks are possibly the most attractive group of men ever bundled together. This fact gets me nowhere with the opposite sex unfortunately. 

I am happy to admit i do in-fact crack under the pressure just as littlest C did that fateful lunchtime. I am more than sure that a few 'Would you still like me if i ate leaves?' have been tossed around one or two times. Best not bring that one up when on a first date...
 Ah, the first date. Here is a situation where the pressure for conversation is greater than ever. Not only do you have to bare a few hours with this person, but the whole 'let's go out to get to know one another' deal forces you to scatter through your brain as you attempt to discard the things that the potential love of your life does not need to know. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way that elaborately explaining how exactly you will meet your future husband (story to follow in later post) is a dating no-no. Gosh, who wrote the rule book anyway?

I have decided that at the end of the day, if the lucky individual who is graced with my impromptu conversation raises an eyebrow, future soul-mate or not, they are not the one for me. 

I am certain that one day i will meet someone that will say yes. 

Yes, Christine, i would still like you if you ate leaves. 


  1. Welcome to our community.

    Great post, and we all do it don't we. Try and have that 'go-to' question when trying to break the ice.

    Look forward to following you on your journey through Blogland.

  2. This may well go down in history as the best ever first post on a blog - congratulations Christine, you're a natural! I am proud to be your second follower!


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