Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Facing Winter.

Winter is by far one of my favorite seasons.

I love the cold, snow and that amazing feeling of being all rugged up when it is blowing a gail outside. 
Having lived near and far, I can safely say that I have experienced the extremes of seasonal change.
One thing I don't love about winter? 

The effect which it has on my skin.

Winter just seems to suck the life out of my skin. If you are anything like me, I am sure that you have read every single article ever written on how to combat the winter facial blues. Although I have not attempted the home-made facial masks yet, I reached a point where I was near bagging my face as I waited for summer to pop around again. 
That was until one blistery afternoon, I stumbled inside a health store and found my saviour. 
Evening Primrose Oil.

This is the brand I use. Fantastic.

It's simple, fragrance free and lovely. It makes your skin feel plump and moisturized without that burning sensation of over-priced, over-advertised makeup products which promise perfect skin. For me, when it comes to skin-care, I have to step outside the consumer bubble. I dabble in the old-school stuff like Cetaphil and Eucerin. Not only is it affordable, but it's gentle and more effective than what you might think. I have spent the dollar bills on products which promise perfection only to be constantly let down. Evening Primrose Oil is just perfect for a sensitive wee soul like myself. 
Chuck it in the bath, throw it on your face or lather it on your body - any way you choose, you will honestly come out the other end with baby-soft skin. After doing a bit of Googling (I love a bit of Googling) I discovered that Primrose Oil is most often purchased in tablet form. If this is the case, why not snap that baby in half and apply it topically? I like to put it on twice a day, once before I apply my make-up and once before I fall into slumber. 

Next time you walk past a health store, why not pop on in and find some other natural beauty goodies? I am committed to this venture, so I shall keep you posted with what other marvelous things I might uncover!


  1. I love a good snowy winters day as well..though this year we didn't get many where I am unfortunately.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the primrose oil, I will have to keep my eye out for some..

  2. I saw this today and thought of you:-)


  3. What a perfect picture, and a perfect statement!!
    Thanks Carina :) xo

  4. Thanks! I've been strolling the ailses at CVS looking for something different! Will go out tommorow and buy it!!

  5. Just found another to add to your list Miss Christine.. Argan Oil from Morocco....LOVE :)

  6. Just found your blog via your Mum ;-)
    Fabulous post. You mention you put it on your face before your make-up. How does your make-up stay on? Is it not too oily? Would love to know as I'm off to search where I can buy this on-line from my home in Spain ;-)

  7. Hello Christine

    I will be checking this product out on my next visit to the health food store. Like you, I use Eucerin.
    As you new follower, I look forward to your visit and comment


  8. Hi Ladies!

    Vanessa - I put it on a wee bit before my make-up. I let it sit for a while (5 min or so) and my make-up goes on a treat! Not too oily at all :)

    Thanks for reading (and commenting)


Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading!

Have a fabulous day :)

xo Christine