Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lurve. Loave. Luff.

Am I one of the only people who Loves a bit of Spring Cleaning?
Love is an understatement actually...
In the words of Woody Allen in Annie Hall -
I Lurve Spring Cleaning
I Loave Spring Cleaning
I Luff Spring Cleaning

I am a bit O.C.D when it comes to organizing and tidying-up. People will either love you for it it or despise you for it. I can commit to the fact that for someone who does uber-amounts of office work, having organizational O.C.D is not a good thing when sticking to time-frames.
We are working on it though.

Anywho, as this loavely time rolls around once again, I have taken it upon myself to clear out my belongings - ridding the old, restoring the new. 
To the dressmakers I went to get some old dresses revamped. 
To the garbage bin I went with some shoes which could not be trusted in stormy weather.

Presto! Closet cleaned. 
Now, I know it's not some dream, walk-in wardrobe that we are constantly pinning on Pinterest. It is cute and small and most importantly - limits how much I can actually purchase. 
One thing I luff to do is to re-invent a style I once wore, way back when. Funnily enough some of my most treasured pieces are items I 'borrowed' (a.k.a claimed as my own) from Mumma J. Things like an old denim shirt or a big, cosy jumper purchased from a small seaside town - items which were loved before me and will be loved since. Style is such a funny thing. It always mind boggles me that one thing can be so trendy one day, and so not another. Ever thought about what items you are wearing now, that you will be cringing over later?
My own wee motto - 'Laugh now, Cringe later' seems to suit the future embarrassment I might face when reminiscing back on my early 20's. 
Who cuuuures though!
As I fumbled around the mountain of clothing which I call my own, there are certain things I just could not let go of. Certain things that I have continuously bought replacements for too. Ex-boyfriends old t-shirts which I really should toss but the idea of sleeping in a slightly less comfortable get-up is worth the emotional stigma attached to keeping an ex-flames belongings. Bad? Probably. 
So, I have decided to rise some of my favorite items to fame. I shall now be committing to posting 5 posts, exposing things such as my much-loved shoe collection to the journey of how I, Christine, chose my signature fragrance of 2012. Are you ready for it?! I can feel the excitement buzzing!
Maybe you could join me? I must say that I am rather heavy on the challenges at the moment huh? 

Lurve you long time!


  1. I love spring cleaning, it feels lovely once it is all done! Yay for you! :)

  2. I love organizing my closet/wardrobe as well, I love organizing anything really :)

    And yes! I am excited for those posts! Sounds interesting indeed :)


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