Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kindle versus The Book.

I am in a bit of bind.
With the introduction of my '21 Book Challenge,' I am walking into the grey abyss that is:

The Kindle versus Book debate.

Normally I am a fan of kicking it old school. I like my pens, my paper - my weekly trip to the stationary store to see what's cooking in the world of all that is staplers and highlighters.
Do you know what I love? Sticky-notes.
I can't put a sticky-note on a Kindle?
Point one for books.
I feel like the introduction of a Kindle to my life would just add to the height of the Mountain of Technology I seem to be trekking up. But they makes so much sense! As a frequent traveller, I like the idea that my carry-on baggage won't be slowly dislocating my shoulder as I migrate from security to my departure gate. Oh imagine the space for other things - like pens, and paper, and all the other useless objects I swear I need whilst preparing myself for my journey. 
Point one for The Kindle.
However, now that I think about it, what happens if my Kindle dies - mid-flight, mid-read? I won't be able to read during take-off or landing...
Point two for book.

Brilliant huh?
But on the other hand, with the subtle light which the Kindle so kindly produces, I won't have to endure the self-doubt and anxiety filled decision to switch on my over-head light and become the most unpopular person on the plane. 
Point two for The Kindle.
Do we also consider the fact that the Kindle lets us download instantly to our devices? As someone who had to wait 3-weeks for a highly anticipated book, instant downloads are high up there in things to love. 
But I won't be able to turn a page? I won't be able to experience the smell of a book - something which everyone enjoys, admitted or not. My trips to the local library will be deemed unnecessary but on the other hand, I can kiss return fees goodbye?

Oh goodness gracious. 
What to do?

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  1. I feel that I would love to have a kindle when I go traveling...but otherwise...I'm not sure. I love to fill my bookcase with books! A home without books? NOT normal! Haha :)

    And by the way; You should try lipstick! Mac ones are great but there's a lot of cheaper ones that are good too (maybe you don't want to spend a lot when you're trying it out). Try topshop, maybelline, gosh or revlon :)


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