Friday, 6 April 2012

Gorgeous Gourmet Greek Pizza.

I have been waiting all week to post this bad-boy.
You are going to love it. 

Friday night pizza has become a regular occurrence in our household.
Sometimes we dabble in a bit of the frozen stuff. Often we will call upon the glories of delivery. However, a few years ago we jumped onto the 'do-it-yourself' bandwagon.
Now, creating the perfect home-made pizza is no easy task! It takes a persistence (and wine) to mix, rise and knead the dough of perfection. Baking it is another matter. For a while we stuck with the good ol' pizza tins. Don't get me wrong, the pizza was enjoyable but nothing compared to what was to come after the purchase of the pizza stone. 

With the new addition to our family routine, I decided to get a little bit crazy up in here.
Thin and crispy kinda crazy.
As I whipped up a new batch of dough, I decided to take it that one step further and 'go gourmet.' 
I threw a little bit of Greece on that baby - oh yeah, you heard right.

And look what I did!

Is it not simply beautiful?
It tasted AH-mazing too. 
Heavy on the Greek, light on the dough.

Gorgeous Gourmet Greek Pizza

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees - nice and hot!

One batch of your favorite thin and crispy pizza dough
(Want mine? Just ask!)

For the base:

One bag of Baby Spinach
Two Teaspoon of Olive Oil
One clove of Garlic (mashed)
90 grams of Ricotta Cheese
Dash of Nutmeg
Half a Teaspoon of Oregano (dry)

Wilt the Spinach with the Olive Oil and Garlic. Once prepared, mix with ricotta cheese and season with Nutmeg and Oregano.

For the topping:

Artichoke Hearts 
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Mixed Olives - Black, Green, Pitted, Pimento-stuffed!
One grilled Red-Onion
Feta Cheese
Pesto (save to dab on last)

Layer your pizza with all the antipasto you can dream of. I pretty much threw everything under the sun on to this glorious creation. Crumble your feta cheese and throw that on last. 
To finish, dab on as much pesto to satisfy your craving.

Chuck it in the oven for a good 10 minutes - pizza stone or no pizza stone you should have yourself one delicious pizza my friends!

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