Monday, 2 April 2012

A Headscarf...Or Two.

With the revival of colour back into fashion lines now that spring has bloomed around us, I will do almost anything to add a bit of pop into my style. Taking full advantage of my new, shortened 'pixie cut,' I feel it is just about that time to dabble in some headscarves. 

You can either go two ways when sporting the headscarf. It can be uber-chic or there is that slight chance that you could look like you have either stepped off a farm...or a pirate ship. However, I am a firm believer that absolutely anything can be pulled off with the right 'tude!

Our house is like a black hole for scarves. Between myself, Mumma J and Middle C - we tend to go a bit crazy when thrown into a bucket of vintage scarves. Personally I go for the brighter prints. Anything with a bit of a design and a crazy mix of colour is right up my alley. The question is:

How do you wear them?

I suppose it depends how much hair you have. Or how your hair is looking that day. Want to cover up some greasy-do that a bit of dry-shampoo (love the stuff, by the way) won't fix? Blanket your hair with a scarf, chuck on some lippy and presto! Although I am now venturing into the matching of bold patterns, I am taking baby steps with this one. I like to pair my scarves with a neutral counter-piece. Any form of denim or dark dress is fine by me. Careful not to step to far back in the 90's though (unless that's your style. I am cool with that!) Scarves are timeless items to have in your wardrobe my friends!

If Grace can do it, so can you.

Happy Monday!

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