Sunday, 1 April 2012

From One Pinterest Preacher To Another.

Oh man, I had a serious case of blog jealousy today.
I know you have had it. 
We have all had it, blog-related or not. 
It's that point during the day as you are surfing the web, only to find someone else's totally awesome blog and you think...

'Man that looks cool.'

And so it begins. The endeavor to jazz up your own page, whilst totally ignoring the fact that it was fine to begin with. 

It's like primary school art class all over again. 

So there was my Sunday for you. Only to make the most minimal of changes yet feeling oddly satisfied that I have upped my game in the blogging world.

YAY for me. 

Other than this dandy little achievement, I spent most of the morning on a complete Pinterest bender. Goodness, I was re-pinning left, right and centre! I will happily admit that I am your classic 'Pinterest Preacher.' The thing is bloody fantastic! I have made so many discoveries that I have already cyber-decorated my future house, cyber-planned my future wedding and cyber-dressed myself for every occasion under the sun. 

It is a fantastic tool for the up and coming. One shot of an amazing piece and away we go, clicking into the world wide web - browsing collections unbeknown to man pre-Pinterest days. This, my friends, is how I discovered Miss Mary Katrantzou.

London Fashion Week 12'

The woman has taken the fashion world by storm, with her spring collection being flaunted all over the runway at the recent London Fashion Week. Not only to mention that her limited collection at Topshop has seen many famous faces bouncing around in her bright, eye-popping pieces. 

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop.

Mary Katrantzou's color palette represents everything which is beautiful about this seasons spring fashion. She is a risk taker when it comes to matching the bold with the bolder, drawing inspiration from the simplest things - such as an English country garden. Her dresses are amazingly structured with insane use of digital print to explode colour onto unique design templates.


London Fashion Week 12'

Her personal line might have sprung to earth in 2008, but I thank Pinterest for introducing me to one heck of a fashion triumph!

P.S Keep your eye out for the upcoming:

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