Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Bit A Rant.

I consider myself reasonably flexible when it comes to fashion. I feel that I am accepting of personal preference in regards to shades, prints, cuts and colors. I stand firmly on the idea of 'each to their own.' Everyone has their own style, I am cool with that. I understand that some might cringe at the thought of wearing leopard print whilst others embrace their wild side. Some feel empowered in heels whilst others prefer keeping their feet on the ground in flats. Glitter, pearls, pink, blue, frills or stripes - throw it at me baby! 
As I like to say, life is a catwalk - strut it.

However, keeping in mind just how accepting I am of personal style, I have a slight issue. With summer coming up, all that is warm and delightful seems to be popping into the shops. Swimwear, sun-dresses, wide-brimmed hats...and shorts. 
Right, so I used to feel that a girl was either a shorts or skirt person. I have moved past such ideas as my wardrobe expands into a multitude of styles. To me, a pair of denim shorts has become a must-have for the summer season. A basic, staple item which you can dress up or down when need-be.

Now someone please tell me - when did shorts stop being produced and when did they become replaced with denim underwear? No, I don't want to flash my derrière to some poor, innocent person who has the pleasure of walking behind me. No, I don't want to look as if I am fashioning an adult diaper. What I would like to wear is a pair of shorts that covers me up. Too much to ask? Surely not. As I did a twirl in my 234th pair of shorts whilst out shopping last week, I sank to the ground and started to think - why on earth does not one, single store sell shorts that can surpass the 30 centimeter mark? When and how did such a trend rocket to mass popularity, and production? All I could think as I stared down at the harsh exposure of my oh-so-white legs was, 'my mother would kill me if I came home with these shorts.' And that is saying something considering I am a 21-year old woman who considers herself quite independent when it comes to my fashionable choices. We know we have an issue when we can already predetermine the reaction of our mothers. 

Shorts, knickers - call that what you want, but they just are not doing it for me this season. Maybe our best bet is to cut a pair of old jeans to a reasonable length? Would it be as easy as to venture into new stores? Will I have to wait until some famous face decides that hot-pants are a fashion 'no no?' How long is that going to take? Someone please sympathize with me. Tell me I am not crazy for thinking this current fashion trend is as ridiculous as Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage. I just need some length. A bit here and there to cover up what does not need to be seen by the world. It does not need to be seen on a 21-year old and it surely does not need to be seen on a 12-year old either - the prime targets of our high street shops. 

Until then, as our trends stay for longer and our clothes grow shorter, I will continue to go to great lengths to source my suitably stylish summer staple. 

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  1. Okay, first of all, I can't believe I'm the first to comment on this post. I completely agree with you! And not because I'm more than twice your age (yes, it's true you have a 50-something reading your blog) but because I too think that shorts should cover the derriere. So, rant on friend, rant on.


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