Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You Will Be Smitten!

I luff shopping.
I luurve shopping.
I looave shopping.

Bit of Woody Allen for you there.

Secret guilty pleasure? Supermarket shopping. I suppose it dates back to the countless food-shopping trips embarked upon with Papa Pete. With his blue, alphabetized coupon folder - the man passed on all there was to know about the art of nabbing a grocery steal. All good bargains start at the supermarket. Does this scenario seem familiar?

Question: 'Why did you buy so much of this?'

Response: 'Because it was on special!'

Excesses bottles of laundry detergent and copious amounts of toilet paper later, the H-clan is anything but understocked. My (self-professed) 'Frugal Father' has taught me well. How else would I know the multitude of foodie creations that can be produced from a single $1.99 can of tuna? 
Supermarket shopping spurs moments of nostalgia for me. I tell you what though, with all the technological hoopla that is smacking us in the face at the moment, a pleasurable journey to the supermarche has become quite the stressful experience. All novelty of 'power to the consumer' completely wares off as soon as there is an 'unrecognized item in the baggage area...' We get tricked into this idea that the self-baggage area is a stress-free, easy shopping station. Oh heeeelllz no it isn't! No matter what country I am in, the lady behind the screen just does not like me and my product swiping, item bagging ways. 

Oh life, why are you so hard on me?

Anywhoo - rather than carrying on with a usual rant, I did have a point for bringing up my luurve for shopping. 

It was a Sydney Saturday morning and Charlotte (my current partner in crime) and I decided to plop on our sneakers and head down the road for a spot of brekkie. Oh what is this? A market across the road? Don't mind if I do!

We stumbled around, admiring the knick-knacks on offer. After purchasing $13 worth of C.D's (Christmas beats for the festive season) we wandered past an eye-catching stall. I should have you know right now that I am a sucker for candles. I can spend hours in a shop making myself dizzy by sticking my nose in all sorts of gloriousness. These candles were a tad on the different side though, a crazy wonderful kind of different. 

Image/Logo from Smitten

Honestly, I have never smelt more heavenly candles in my whole 21 years of life. What makes these candles different from your average scented wax? Not only is each candle presented with a signature decoration to reflect it's scent, but the range of scents is just...delectable! My favorite? Blueberry Muffin! I could have strapped that thing to my nose and been a happy-camper all day. There is a scent to suit every person, home, personality and taste! AHmazing, I am telling you!
Check out their website and you will not, NOT be sorry!

Reminisce with a 'Home Sweet Home' or satisfy your sweet cravings with a 'Lemon Drop Cookie'. 
'Sweet Dreams' anyone?

Candles for Chrissy it is then! 

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