Saturday, 1 December 2012

Deck The Halls!

It was Thursday.

Birds chirping, coffee brewing. A delightful start to the morning.

Shower running...

Front door knocking...

Front door knocking getting louder...

Ugh, Charlotte must have left her keys inside. 

Jump out of shower, throw on a towel, run to the door...

'Gosh women, the things I do for you - this would be so embarrassing if it wasn't...'

Oh why hello there Firemen carrying out alarm testing!

Usually I have time to get changed before encountering my first stranger of the day.
Come back later? Yup, no worries. 

It's been one of those bloody weeks. 
First day of summer? I snapped my favorite sun-glasses. The kind of 'Oh My Gosh I love your glasses! Where did you get them from?!' pair. 
This morning I open the window to get some air in the hot-box that is my bedroom and whoops there goes my 18th birthday ring!

What is to blame? The heat. I have no need to complain though. Of course spending the summer in Sydney, Australia was not going to be all icicles and snowflakes. My walks to work have become 'weaves' to work as I dash in and out of air-conditioned shops to savor the icy chill air. Am I right in thinking that temperature change can make us a wee bit cray cray though? Delirious, some might say. Being the first official week of summer, this also means that the season of Christmas is truly upon us. This year, Christmas for the H-Clan is going to be spent in Vietnam. In that heat, my guess is that Rudolph is going to have a bit more than a simple red nose this Chrissy.

Deck the halls people, we are in for a scorcher! 

I have marked the festive season with both snow and sun in the past but it just seems like Ol' Saint Nic isn't going to be well fitted in a place like Vietnam. Considering that 'Let It Snow, Let It Snow' was playing in August at the local 'Western' supermarche when I last visited the country, it is obvious that Christmas isn't all jingle bells and Christmas trees in Ho Chi Minh. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that what makes Christmas so special is who you celebrate it with. At this time, each year  at least 5 out of 6 H-Clan members are together again. Carols, Trees, Gingerbread - the works. Instead, I sweat my behind off in Sydney, Middle-C freezes her tootsies off in Pennsylvania, Pattiecakes works his mind away in Melbourne and Mumma J, Papa Pete and Little C are currently taking part in a 'marathon' in Cambodia?
 Uh, yeah.

Holiday season starts when?
19th of December
Abode Number 7
Country Number 5

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