Monday, 3 December 2012

Looking At Me?

'People always look hotter with sunglasses on'
- Char-Char

Wise words from a very wise friend. 

A simple accessory with a powerful effect. I think it is important to look at a pair of sunglasses as you would clothes. Certain styles suit certain shapes. Having just broken my fav pair of sunnies, I contemplate putting off a cheap $20 purchase and investing in some designer bad-boys. Nothing too flash, just something with a bit more kick. When it comes to investing in anything with a 'name' I always go for something timeless. I want something that in 4-months time, I won't pack away and never see again because low and behold it was a temporary fashion craze.

 To contemplate this potential investment a little further, I have stepped away from the magazines and turned to the albums. Oh yes, the beautiful albums which hold some gems to give me an idea of what to steer away from. Walk with me...

Cute family photo. With matching sunglasses, what is not to love? Besides the fact that my current hair-style is remarkably similar to my mothers - I am not overly concerned with these shades. I do feel however that the blue tints need to stay in the 90's. 


Daaaahling! I feel like at least 1/4 of my face is covered by in plastic. Who needs a mask when you have bug-eye glasses to keep your under lock? I am a fan of big-framed glasses but you need something a bit more than a straight-shot insect replica to make them look fashionable.

Yes, this is a self-shot. Yes, it was taken in a discount store changing room. Aviators anyone? An iconic style. Papa Pete still has his from the 80's and they have not failed him as of yet. I do like them but I feel that they never really worked for me. I really wanted them too but couldn't make it happen. 

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! Fake tan? Check! Awesome pose? Check! Blue aviators? Heeeelz yeah! I really want to say that these were purchased with a party-theme in mind however I did actually wear them out on more than a few occassions...

I really need to work on my poses. Anywho, we have started to walk down the path of today's concept of 'normal' eyewear. Nothing too loud, just simple square based ray-ban. 

What I should have been wishing for in this one is for my glasses to stay together forever. Purchased form a thrift shop in Massachusetts, these $7 gems guided me around the world. I love a good print down the side - tortoise is my personal favorite. 

As you can see, I really have walked down a long winded road. Some hits, some (very big) misses. I don't know exactly what works for me but I feel that a sturdy frame is worth the investment. Karen Walker perhaps?
Slightly in love with these 'Anywhere Crazy' style glasses

My advice? Don't keep them guessing. 
Do not hide behind the frames and pick something which you love no matter how badly you will regret it in the years to come.
As I always like to say:

Laugh now, Cringe later!

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