Sunday, 18 November 2012


Friday evening marked the first of many nights out for Christine and Charlotte in Sydney.
The $7.99 pink fizz flowed, mojito's were shared and the big question of 'red or white?' was asked. 

Yes it was a marvelous night - which ended at home with two new friends...

ANZAC biscuits and Caramel-Macademia ice-cream. 

Oh life, why do you make things so difficult for me?

On paper, we look like an interesting pair. Blonde, foreign and always ready for a nice cocktail. The world should be ready to greet us with open arms. But instead, whilst sipping on our last drink we are asked the question, 

'Excuse me, do you think my friend is attractive?'

No kind sir, we do not think your 60-year old friend is attractive.

As much as we like the balding and over-weight set, were we too optimistic to think that a conversation with some Australian surfers is too far beyond the horizon? I am alway up for a ride in the waves. I went to surfing camp back in the day. I can 'hang-ten' and know how to rock a wetsuit. I couldn't explain my retirement fund plan (nor have I given it the slightest thought) and I don't think I would enjoy a dry-whisky. Why throw this at me? I am going to put it down to being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. Obviously this area of town is the not the hot-spot for single 20-somthings. Well, the kind of 20-somethings that we are anyway. But it does make a damn fine cocktail and that, my friends, is just as a lucky little find as bumping into future Mr-Right-Now in your local super-marche!

It brings me to the question of 'expectations'. How often have you trailed the shops with the perfect outfit in mind, but it's not to be found. Anywhere. So you settle on something that will do the trick. Oh goodness, believe me, I do understand that this is a horrible way to think about men. Am I wrong to assume that certain words are used to describe women who think about men in this way? I am not to be too disheartened. does not need my membership. I am 21 for Pete's sake! In the prime of life! So what if the first swing of the game was a foul ball? 

Who cuuuures.

Ice-cream was pretty damn good.

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