Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Coconuts Anyone?

When I stepped off the plane last week and into the arms of Mumma J, it is safe to say that I was a tad frazzled. Having finished exams the day before, spending the night in an near-empty Christchurch bar with a group of 'Oh I am 20-something studying Engineering..'/ 'I actually just graduated from high-school this evening and this is me celebrating my next step into manhood', and finally packing up my flat whilst attempting to distribute my belongings all over the show - I just wanted a bit of home comfort.

First stop, supermarket.

Whoa buddy, the choices! For those of you who don't know much about Sydney let me tell you that the city as a whole is very health conscious. Everything is dairy, wheat, gluten, It is hard not to get swept up in the frenzy that is healthy living. This side of the world have got it down. Sneakers are the Louboutin to some of these people. I think it is fantastic, I really do. This is not to say that I am going to give up my love of ice-cream but enough for me to explore my options. Wake up and smell the chia seeds my friends!

I recently discovered these AHmazing Life Bars by 'Emma&Tom's Look After Yourself' health line. 
Packed with raw fruits and seeds and available in a range of flavours - YUM.

I do have a question though. How far does one go before admitting that being healthy, at times, is actually just...yuck?

Let me walk you through what happened to me.

Okay, so coconuts. Never been a cray-cray fan of them. Might have owned a coconut-shimmer scented oil back in the day but I don't go nuts for coconuts. Regardless, I have heard rumors that coconut water is the latest thaang to be drinking. It contains it all - metabolism boosting, antioxidant, heart-strengthening, liver detoxifying, miracle juice...all the words which are plastered over advertisements to make us assume that drinking this stuff will make us live until the end of time. So, there I was, in the fruit and vegetable store with my new sneakers on (doing as the Sydney-siders do) and I felt parched. Low and behold - there it was! Coconut water. Yeah buddy, look at me go - I walk over to the counter, I put down my coinage and yes, I know the store clerk is impressed with the healthy 'tude I am sporting right now. I bounce out of that store, coconut water in hand, ready to be swept away on a detoxifying journey.
Small issue kids...
It tastes like crap.
I tried to like it. I really, really tried! I wanted to like it but it just was...gross.
Oh man. I am an embarrassment to coconut water drinkers everywhere.  Maybe I can jump on the Aloe Vera Juice bandwagon? Or maybe I should just stick with the plain, old H2O.

Life, why do you make things so hard for me?

I want to say that the moral of this story is that life is too short to be consuming things we don't enjoy. A tad ironic considering the thing I don't like is what, presumably, will make me live longer? In this case, I shall look at it the same way I looked at parTAYing before my final exam.
If I died today (morbid, yes I know) and someone said 'Oh how sad, I hope she enjoyed her final days' I think that the person responding to such a comment should be able to say 'Yes, she dined on all that is fabulous and partied till the sun came up' instead of 'No, she smelled of coconuts and nobody ever saw her because she was in the library all day, every day...smelling of coconuts.' 

In conclusion, I shall embark on my journey of healthy living however I have decided that is all about balance. From this point forward, I shall look at it as a sort of 'eat your peas then you can go play' scenario.

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