Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kicking it Old School.

Whilst indulging in the fun that is the morning school run for Little C, something sparked my attention on the radio...

"You could bring your iPad or just kick it old-school and bring pen and paper."

Pen and paper?

I am sorry but when on earth did it become 'old school' to write with pen and paper? Although my disbelief is tinged with irony considering I spend majority of my life tapping away on my laptop, but has the world moved so quickly that the ol' Biro and note-pad has become outdated? Can I claim to be 'old fashioned' merely on my preference to write in a diary rather than storing my life events on an iPhone? On my preference to sit in a lecture and scribble away rather than play Solitaire as the lecturer is recorded on the latest what-sit device? I am one on the younger buns in the bakery, so I know my outrage is nothing compared to those old folks who watched the evolution of the computer out-date the typewriter - but give me a break! Soon will come the days of no more textbooks, magazines, newspapers. Who wants a coffee stain on your morning paper when you can take a trip to the local Apple store (soon to replace all local news-agents) after you knock your mug over? Soon will come the generation who craze over the latest iPad cover rather than the newest scent of the classic sparkly gel-pen. 

Have you ever had the dreaded 'Apple jealousy' syndrome? The feeling when you buy an Apple product, only to be out-done a few months later when the way cooler version hits the market? Yeah, look out teenage girls of the world - dramas are about to get WAY serious when Suzy-Sue comes in with the latest Mac what-sit before it's even released. But the school kids won't find out via the banter of the school play-ground. Oh no, a mass e-mail will be sent out as it happens, when it happens. Because that is what we are promised isn't it? Being in the know before the person who is the 'know' even knows? 

What is next? A devise to read minds? 
Would not be surprised.

Don't get me wrong, I consider myself reasonably technologically knowledgeable yet never beyond my years. I have the computer, the phone, the music device but I am not gathering up all my notebooks and pens in attempt to stay with the times. Walk into an antique store in twenty-years time and you will be faced with a Bic pen and lined, A4 notepad. 

Just you wait, just you wait. 

Personally I would rather kick it old school - all day, every day. 

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